Specialised Fabrics

Monofilament fabric in polypropylene, polyester and nylon from 24 mesh to 140 mesh.

Nylon bolting cloth 60 mesh to 350 mesh.

Nylon bolting imported fabric 100 to 400 mesh [Germany & Swiss made].

Conveyor belt fabric imported in monofilament polyester & nylon.

Clipper joint in S.S Fiber glass & polyester repairing of conveyor belt & fixing the new clipper joints.

Spun bonded paper for coolant filtration from 15 to 150 gsm.

Hylof fabric for air filtration.

Imported filter paper & hand make filter paper.

Criteria for selecting a filter fabric

Fabric properties in use of filtration

  Polypropylene Polyester Cotton Nylon
Temp[c] 80-95 130-140 130-140 105-115
Strength Excellent Excellent Good Excellent
Acid Good Good Poor Poor
Alkali Excellent Poor Good Excellent
Dry Heat Fair Good Good Fair
Moist Heat Fair Fair Good Good
Oxidising Agent Excellent Good Good Fair
Abrasion Good Excellent Excellent Good

Relative effects of different yarn & weave on filtration process

Yarn Filtration Rate Particle Retention Cake Discharge Removal of
Moisture in Cake
Cake Sticking
Spun Yarn Fair Best Fair Best Max
Multi Filament Good Good Good Good Moderate
Mono Filament Best Fair Best Fair Minimum

Weave of the fabric

Plain Fair Best Fair Fair Fair
Twill Good Good Good Good Good
Satin Best Fair Best Best Best

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