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Dust collectors are essentially required where the fine dust is also a by product and it can not be allowed in open atmosphere with a view to keep the clean environment. There are a number of manufacturing techniques to manufacture a suitable filter fabric to meet all the requirements of a dust collector depending up on the system of cleaning such as pulse & reverse jet and auto mechanism cleaning. For, pulse jet and reverse jet dust collectors only non-woven needle punched fabric can be used in bag filter system, it can retain fine dust and release fresh air in atmosphere.

For, mechanical shaker type dust collectors only woven fabric can be used, they may be napped to higher dust retention and to produce clean air.

“All over the world, there is an increasing demand for clean air!! The race is on……….”

In India the concept of emission control is yet to mature. The internationally accepted norms are :

  • Non dangerous dust (like cement) …………………. 75 mg. / cu. Mtr.
  • Semi-dangerous dust (like carbon black)……….. 50 mg. / cu. Mtr.
  • Dangerous dust (like lead)……………………………... 10 mg. / cu. Mtr.

Bag filter system is a most accepted and effective method of dust collection, especially fine dust.

Advantages of Bag Filter System

  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Practical efficiency very high.
  • Possibility of heat recovery very good.
  • Effectiveness not affected by Gas-dust composition.

For, industries like, cement, thermal power stations, fertilizers, steel plants, aluminum , zinc, lead, asbestos, chemical plants etc…., wherever dust generation and particulate emission is a threat to the environment, mech tech industries, offers a wide range of dust collection media. The range covers usage under common environmental conditions to critical conditions.

The dust collector plays the important role in the cement industry in the separation of the cement dust from air and collecting it. The secondary object of the dust collector is pollution control as the medium particle size of the cement dust ranges from 8 to 12 microns, which permits the particulates to remain airborne for a sufficient time. Other major pollutants associated with cement dusts’ are sulphur oxides.

At all the stages of cement manufacturing, dust collectors with fabric filters are proved to be the best because of its high efficiency, flow rate etc. The working temperature varies as per the process of manufacturing “dry or wet” in industries in the range of 150Ί f to 250Ί f. In the bag house with a large volume of air up to 60,000 cfm. Per system to be handled requiring a air-to-cloth ratio as high 6:1.

Filter bags are heart of a bag filter system. By selecting right kind of filter media for any given application, with our technical associates we ensure right solution to all your filtration needs. We provide stat of art filter bags using proper filter media with proper stitching thread and other mechanical arrangements fitted with exact dimensions.