Enquiry - Air Solid Separation

Name of Dust
Dust Size     (Coarse/Fine)
Fine Particles     (%)
Moisture     (%)
Static Charge     (Yes/No)
PH Value
Cleaning System     (Mechanical - Shaking - Reverse Jet)
Pressure Drop     (P)
Temperature     (oC)
Nature of Gas     (Hazardous - Corrosive - Poisonous)
Emission Level     (In Atmosphere)
Filtration Area     (Size of Bag & No. of Bags)
Quantum of Air Handled     (CFM)
System of Bag Fitting     (Flange Type - Snap Band - Double Snap with Groove)
Drawing of Bag     (Anti-Static - Anti-Sticky - Fire Retardant)
Required any Surface
Treatment on Cloth
    (Hazardous - Corrosive - Poisonous)
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