Company Profile

Chemitex Global is delivering consistently accurate type of filter media for the filtration process from last ten years. It is pioneer in supplying the filter media for the complicated filtration like carbon or charcoal filtration, fine micron filtration, sugar syrup filtration, formulation filtration pigment filtration, bulk drug filtration, edible oil filtration, coolant oil filtration, dust separation, liquor filtration, country liquor filtration, transformer oil filtration, pesticides filtration, ink & chemical filtration, fruit juices & carbonate water filtration etc.

The right selection of filter fabric saves time & money, it helps in reducing the filtration time cycle & it stops filtered material going in to the cake or slurry. Accurate stitching of the filter bags enhances the life of it.

With our guidance, many industries have replaced imported filter media with Indian filter media thus saving lot of money. In certain cases we help our client in selecting reusable filter media rather then use & throw filter media thus saving the cost. For your correct selection of filter media please call, fill in the data form on our web site or send your used samples with the detail enable us to give you the right recommendation at very competitive price.

Due to lot of pressure, wear & tear in filtration process all the made ups are stitched on 3 needles Japanese Zuki machine. Our fabrication department makes the format [drawing] on the cellulose sheet & then the bags are made according to drawing to get an accurate cutting & stitching. All the sheet is preserved with us enable client to give future order without sample or specification.

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